Bon Voyage Deck Party

Bon Jour, Hola, Hello! Welcome to my page.

Let me introduce myself. I am Jenea Hicks owner of "Sunlight Destinations" an Authorized Independent Agent of Cruises & Tours Unlimited. I specialize in Cruises, All-Inclusive and Destination Weddings but would love to help you in other areas as well. I am especially looking forward to learning more about land tours and would like to dip a toe in booking those as well as take a few myself. During my training videos those really caught my eye.

I recently have decided to start looking into how to become a travel agent after a couple of cruises my family took in the last few years. After research and learning more of the ends and outs of cruising I could not think of anything I would rather be doing. And what better way to continue my research and knowledge than to become a "Personal Travel Consultant" for others. 

But before I go on about that let me give you a little background on myself. I am a middle age mother of 2 daughters. I got married very young and was mainly a stay at home mom with a few part time jobs here and there for several years. After roughly about 10 years I found myself divorced and single for the first time in my adult life. I began working for a Real Estate title company and have been there for the last 12 plus years. Ten Years ago I met a Father of 4 girls. We dated for 1 and half years and decided out of the blue to get married within a week. We wanted something intimate, quiet and just for the 2 of us. We decided to go to Pigeon Forge and in one week I had planned our wedding and had a minister marry us in our cabin. We got back after that weekend and my girls and I moved in with my husband that week. Now fast forward to a few years to 2016 we decided to take our little "Brady Bunch" family of 6 "lovely" girls on a cruise. At that time we had already had a few family vacations to a few other areas, Myrtle Beach, Orlando and Branson. We loved all our vacations prior to but when we took our cruise it was so much more than what we anticipated. Our first cruise I just researched the basic knowledge of cruising. Even with that our experience was amazing and we disembarked with a new love of travel. Then 2 years later we took our 2nd cruise but before that I decided to do even more research and found more ways to enjoy our cruise. I learned so much more, because of my knowledge I know we were able to enjoy the ship and cruise to a whole new level than before. For everyone that has cruised knows that it is one of the best affordable vacations. You definitely get the most for your money.

And that leads me back to why I have decided to start this new venture. My husband and I are now nearing our empty nest stage in our lives. Our girls are busy with work, school, friends and just life in general. My oldest daughter just got married this past Fall and I enjoyed planning her wedding. I love research; I have a love for travel and plan to travel more in this stage of my life. I enjoy researching the ins and outs of traveling or anything else I do. Becoming YOUR "personal travel consultant" I will do all of those things for you and more. I can pass my knowledge to you and others. I will have a personal touch at making your vacation special. Something you won't get booking online. And if I don't know the answer, don't worry... I will be eager to find out for you! The best part about having a travel agent is you can stress less about the planning of your vacation. And when your vacation is here all you will need to do is pack and go and you will enjoy a stress free vacation. Remember vacations are not meant to be stressful and I hope to take that away from you as much as I can so you can come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Please browse around my site and let me know if there is anything I can help you with. I am asking everyone that visits to please fill a contact card out even if you don't have a clue what your next vacation will be. I will use it to email you future promotions and deals. I promise you can opt out at anytime. I will also have your contact information if you do book with me in the future. Just click contact us.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to get to know you soon. 

Bon Appetit
My husband and I on our first cruise